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Welcome to the Official website of the Liphook Bowling Club
"set in the heart of the beautiful East Hampshire countryside"

 Hopefully you're looking at our site as you may be interested in taking up bowls, or finding a new club. If you only want to know who does what and where we are, please visit our contacts page, otherwise, read on.

Liphook Bowls Club welcomes players of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an experienced player having just moved into the area and looking for a club to join, or a recent retiree looking to remain active, having finished your working career, or a young person who would like to be involved in a competitive sport but would rather not be kicked around on a football or rugby field.

We know of one young man who started bowling when he was 8, not from our club, but  one of those we play against. He is now in his late teens and has played for England under 18's.

Believe it or not Lawn Green Bowls is pretty active. For starters you are likely to be on your feet for around two and a half hours. You will walk up and down the green 18 to 21 times, or more, depending on the particular match you are involved in. You will bend up and down anywhere between 36 to 84 times, during which, you will deliver your bowl.

 We have 3 teams playing in the 3 Counties local league, and some members participating in County competitions. You would be surprised how competitive bowls can get.

During the summer season we have club singles, doubles, triples and other competitions with a level to suite all. During the winter season we have an active short mat community playing on two rinks. We play this format during the winter  on a Monday evening starting at 6.30pm and afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, starting at 2 p.m. 

Please just come along to the club on any of the days mentioned above during the winter, or Weekends and possibly mid week, during the summer and chat with some of our members. Also feel free to contact any of the people listed on our contacts page for more information..

Affiliated to Bowls England  ~  The National Governing Body for the Sport of Green Lawn Bowling - Club ID: 677 

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